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I love being able to support people in their business ventures whether that be an established business or a someone taking their first exciting steps as a new business start-up.


I provide understandable and reliable advice and can take care of all your Accountancy, Bookkeeping and Taxation needs. You no longer need to worry about that pile of invoices sitting on your desk but instead you can focus on what you do best, running your business. 


I’m a Chartered Certified Accountant based in Stafford, Staffordshire but being a fully digital business I work with clients both local and national. 

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Year End Accounts

Whether you’re a sole trader, partnership or a limited company you will require year-end accounts to be prepared as this forms the basis of your personal Self-assessment tax return or your Company tax return.


Year-end accounts also allow you to review how your business has performed over the previous year and they provide a vital planning tool for highlighting areas requiring attention and for budgeting for the year ahead.


I will prepare your year-end accounts and then talk you through them in a jargon-free way, helping you to understand what your numbers actually mean and recommending where changes can be made to increase your profits.

Personal Tax Returns

You may be required to complete a tax return for many reasons. It may be because your self-employed, receive dividends from your own company, receive income from land or property, have income over £100,000 or have a capital gain to report. Whatever your reasons, I can help.


Whilst tax is not meant to be taxing the reality is that it really is and the cost of getting it wrong can be steep whether by paying more tax than you should by not claiming for all reliefs available or by incurring penalties for missing the end of January deadline.


So let me complete your tax return and be reassured that your form is completed correctly, on time and that you are paying the right amount of tax.

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Year End Accounts
Personal Tax Returns

Bookkeeping & VAT

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Whilst many people choose to complete their own bookkeeping it can be one of those tasks that can absorb huge amounts of your time or even worst can be one of those tasks that get left to build up to an unmanageable level causing huge levels of stress and worry. Either way it's taking you away from focusing on the more important tasks like running your business.


I can help you keep on top of your paperwork providing as little or as much support as you require. From reconciling the figures every quarter to a more complete bookkeeping service tracking invoices and chasing debtors weekly. Whatever you need.

VAT is a tax that is extremely difficult to navigate and can cause endless problems for some businesses. I can help you to understand how VAT effects your business, check the returns that you have completed yourself or complete your returns for you.


Payroll & CIS

If you have employees, then you are required to make payroll submissions to HMRC prior to each pay run. You are also required to ensure they are being paid at least national minimum wage and under Automatic enrolment pension regulations to assess each employee for their pension status. The administrative burden of employing staff is enormous however, you can simply let me know what hours your staff have worked and let me deal with the burden. 

If you are a limited company, even if you do not employ any staff it is highly likely you will require a director payroll and I can help with this to. You just need to pay yourself once a month and I will take care of the rest.

I assist contractors working in the construction industry to verify their sub-contractors and to report sub-contractor pay and deductions on a monthly CIS return. I am extremely experienced in working with both contractors and sub-contractors and therefore the perfect choice to help you deal with the administration of the CIS scheme.

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Business Start-ups

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Starting out in business as well as being an extremely exciting time can also be a really worrying time. I am here to help reduce that stress, supporting you through those early years by offering understandable & trusted advice. I will advise on whether you should be a limited company, sole trader, or partnership and what this means for you and how you pay your tax. I will talk you through whether your business needs to be VAT registered, what is involved if you want to take on staff and help you to establish sound accounting systems which will minimise your time spent on paperwork and maximise your time spent on growing your new business. 

I would love to hear about your new business venture, contact me today and let’s talk.

Business Start-ups
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